Well  this week  has been boring nothing to blog about so  the staar test was the murderer that killed the week the staar test was hard because it had stuff I didn’t  learn but the only thing that help was band because I play super loud yet the people around me who play trumpet don’t approve so there you go.


Well this is our last week of blogging so I want to do something different. Well this weekend I experience  my first crap my pants moment. well walking to my house from the park  I know ya’ll  like” you walking ya that’s  a joke ” well I was so I press the button to cross .It tell’s me to go As I begin to walk a car hits the corner like he’s Vin Diesel in fast and the furious  almost hits me and lets say  the movie title wasn’t the only title for something.

Solc Hacksaw ridge


Spoiler alert if have not seen or are going to do not read.

Hacksaw ridge

This is something I usually won’t do on my blog but I am going to make an acceptance.One movie That touch my heart is a war movie called Hacksaw ridge which is about a real life story.It is about a WW2 movie a character name Desmond Doss who was hated for not touching a gun because he promised god that he would never touch a gun ever.  He was played by Andrew Garfield.He saved 75 people and while he saved each one he said a famous quote “lord let me get one more.”  

Soloc NBA 2K17

NBA  2K17

A game that has sports fans jumping out their seats to go and buy the game If you’er a basketball fan and love game’s  this Is for you.get you’er hand’s on this wonderful game that I like play as well when free time pop’s up .Their is so much to do lot of game mode’s  that help improve game skill’scareer mode,blacktop,play now so sharpen though’s skill’s and  get playing

Solc Rainbow six siege

Here’s a game that’s more down the list but a game I really enjoy.Called Rainbow six siege a group of attackers versus defenders the most match’s you can play is five so have fun.
For people that like first person shooters but like strategic games this a mash up of them both.Have game modes for beginners  if you play this game what console what’s you’re gamer tag comment down below

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